Pitch Perfect

Helping healthcare agencies wow clients and win pitches

Meet Dan and David

A highly skilled and experienced creative team, on call for you

For more years than we care to admit  (~25 each) we’ve been quietly brought in to help large and small pharmaceutical healthcare agencies such as Mccann Health, Klick, MedThink, Inventiv (now Syneos Health), Scout Marketing (now Concentric Life) and others write copy, create art, and develop creative campaigns for their most important clients or potential new clients.

We also help supervise creative and manage day-to-day copy and art needs in any role, from client facing to behind the scenes supervision and/or nitty gritty content and strategy development. We are happy to work individually or as fully integrated members of a larger team.

We proudly and seriously take on these responsibilities and work tirelessly to provide hard hitting, memorable and targeted work.

Agencies that have hired us
our mission

Deliver creative that wins pitches and keeps clients

Whether soulful, spirited, poignant, uplifting, humorous, serious, or technical, our work is always captivating and approachable.

Why do we do it? Because we love everything about it. The challenge(s), the aha moments, the difference we know we make when we deftly communicate the benefits of life saving therapies to doctors and patients to help increase awareness and realize their potential.


With his deep understanding of the industry's unique visual language, David knows exactly how to push his designs and concepts for maximal impact and stopping power. His expertise lies in translating brand strategies into compelling visuals that resonate with both HCPs and patients. Whether ideating or executing, creating brand guidelines or adhering to them, David strives for high impact designs and flawless delivery every time.


From initial messaging and claims work (yes, even annotating) to strategic, technical, or creative writing for all manner of print and digital tactics, Dan is equally comfortable writing for high science oncology brands, traditional pharma, or consumer-facing cosmetic brands. His goal is to find the right words, the right tone of voice, and the right messages to help craft the most compelling brand story.


With experience across multiple therapeutic categories for large and small brands at all stages of the life cycle, we are happy to help uncover market insights and craft powerful brand narratives.


Of course nothing we do is possible without the magic that comes when we collaborate with your team to help solve the thorniest creative challenges.